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2007-07-17 16:44:50 by ToasterDemon

Haha, these blog things are pretty damn cool.
St1k and I just finished a redesign movie. It actually took us a while to make, so take a look at that. Its called "NG: The redesign"
This is more just a test of the blog feature. Im working on a few games right now, and feel free to IM me if you have anything to say.
AIM: kylethompson1111


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2007-07-17 20:40:54

Do you and St1k always do stuff together? Haha... it says you're 7 :D

(Updated ) ToasterDemon responds:

a lot of times we do, not always though, and it says your 7 if you don't bother setting your age :P


2007-07-18 14:03:34

I love you man


2007-07-21 05:00:44

I was thinking we should get married.

You down?

ToasterDemon responds:

omg yes ^_^


2007-09-03 20:52:41

lol yea, i just saw a whole bunch reviews of those on JohnnyUtahs vids like tankmen and 300 queers.


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