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Entry #20

Look at this now because its important!!!

2009-07-07 00:05:01 by ToasterDemon

Look at this painting thanks yo: sterdemon/a-lot-of-stuff-in-a-painting


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2009-07-07 00:09:11

I love it, seriously.

(Updated ) ToasterDemon responds:

thanks bro


2009-07-07 00:14:47

i wouldn't really call that a painting....but its still pretty cool. could use a bit more variety in the thingies in there but its aesthetically pleasing


2009-07-07 00:16:26

hmm not really more variety, scratch that. i'm not too big of a fan of the sign that sticks out though


2009-07-07 00:42:11

I like this kinda thing. I like looking at each individual doodle, it's kinda like a "Where's Waldo" Very cool.


2009-07-07 03:55:22

i like how the paint is all drippy and stained looking


2009-07-07 06:30:15

Oh man, that is so cool. Great piece of work you got here.


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